Our Roots

A word from the owner:

"As I am working on this new business, I am reminded daily of stories told by my Mother, Bonnie, my Step-Mom Linda and my Dad, Kenny! I have always loved those stories! They lived in a time period where money was scarce and patches were plentiful! My generation and younger have very little understanding of the hardships which our parents and grandparents endured! I have heard the story of flour sack and feed sack companies printing gingham and floral designs on their cloth bags so that women would have fabric to make clothes for their families, the difficulty of food rations during war times, and the loneliness kids enduring working on neighboring farms during the summer to raise money for the family.  Both of my Grandpas worked away so they could feed their families, my Grandpa Drake on the B and O Railroad and my Grandpa Palmer on a Riverboat.  When money was tight, my Dad and his brothers hunted for fresh meat.  Fishing on Sundays after a big home cooked meal and canning garden produce was normal life! I will never forget eating delicious meals at Grandma Drake’s Farm kitchen with the red hand pump at the sink, the white tablecloth with floral design, the pitcher which held silverware,  the curtain above the sink blowing gently in the warm breeze, and the flower-lined path that led to the outhouse!!! I am very sure that no one ever cooked as well as my Mom and Step-Mom, and they both had been cooking since they were young! As I look back I cherish those stories! I am thankful for the strong people who raised me.  They didn’t have a lot but they had a lot of love.  They may not be right beside me now but they will never be gone!  They are with me each time I touch a piece of sackcloth or ticking.....and I smile!"

- Shelley Streb